A Changing Market

// By Sam Hearne on 2 May 2018
A Changing Market

The upcoming Tank Storage Connect event is set to bring a long-awaited change to the tank storage sector in Rotterdam.

The tank storage industry, having seen some uncertainty in the past, is one that is not only vast, but one that is consistently striving to improve, with advances in technology and materials making their presence felt. For companies in and around the tank storage industry, visibility is key. New products are showcased at every opportunity, whether through online marketing campaigns, or at exhibitions such as StocExpo. This annual event, organised by Easyfairs and supplemented by other regional events around the world, took place in Rotterdam this past March.

This year, however, StocExpo will not be the only tank storage exhibition in Rotterdam. Tank Storage Connect, put together by Joe and Francesca Quinn, co-directors of Cresco Marketing, will take place on 15 and 16 May and will be playing host to more than 35 exhibitors and hundreds of delegates. The event will bring together companies from the bulk liquids, LNG and gas storage industries.

Prior to StocExpo this year, a lot of attention was paid to an announcement made by Joe and Francesca Quinn that their team were not allowed to attend the conference and exhibition as they had planned.




Dantec, a leading manufacturer of composite hoses, has commented on the upcoming Tank Storage Connect event: “We have attended the TSA event in the past and we like the smaller table-top style event,” says Ross Lamb, marketing manager. “As a smaller company, shows like StocExpo aren’t the best for us because we aren’t as visible as some of the larger companies that can afford big, impressive stands. With a table-top style event such as Tank Storage Connect, we can stand next to any company as equals.”

Lamb continues: “While it’s good for companies like Dantec that there are exhibitions to attend, at the same time we don’t want to be constantly attending conferences and exhibitions around the world.” Dantec holds firm that it plans to continue attending StocExpo. Lamb says, though, that he and his team are looking forward to the Tank Storage Connect event and expect positive results for Joe and Francesca.”

Collin Pittman of Advanced 3D Laser Solutions, a long-term attendee at the StocExpo exhibitions, comments on the upcoming Tank Storage Connect event, where Advanced 3D will also be exhibiting. “Our focus is very much on Europe, particularly the Benelux countries. We feel that Tank Storage Connect is another great opportunity to exhibit in Rotterdam. Not only will we be there to exhibit, but we are looking forward to taking part in the networking evening. We are also particularly excited about the selection of interviews with industry leaders that will take place alongside it.”

Colin explains how Advanced 3D has an excellent relationship with StocExpo and Nick Powell, divisional director at Easyfairs. Advanced 3D has informed HCB that it will continue to show support for StocExpo in the future, planning to attend StocExpo Europe in 2019. Pittman continues: “Tank Storage Connect, although less ‘grand’ than StocExpo, represents a more intimate, less costly addition to the exhibition opportunities in the Netherlands. We believe that there is definitely room in the market for both events and we have no doubt that Tank Storage Connect will run smoothly, given Joe Quinn’s impressive background.”




HCB spoke to Joe Quinn, about the upcoming Tank Storage Connect event. Quinn says that the idea came to him after seeing some dissatisfaction in the market over the last 12 to 18 months. Having had several companies approach him with the idea of creating an event in Rotterdam, Tank Storage Connect was born. Joe continues. “We didn’t, however, want to replicate what already exists in the market. We also didn’t set out to compete with StocExpo, with the likes of an exhibition and a conference. The event we have created is interactive, we have speakers from across the industry, a Q&A, and our focus is on innovation.”

Tank Storage Connect’s ethos is based around freedom of and accessibility to knowledge. The event is free to attend and has a ‘smart casual’ dress code, which aims to blur the lines of hierarchy between delegates and exhibitors, as well as to facilitate networking, according to Quinn.

“Our ‘back to basics’ approach and lower entry costs for exhibitors makes it an ideal place for smaller companies with more limited budgets to attend,” continues Quinn. “With StocExpo dominating the European market for 13 years, companies have had almost no diversity or choice as to where they exhibit. While we are a vastly different event, offering different opportunities, we also understand that Tank Storage Connect represents another option that has previously not existed.”

Nick Powell spoke to HCB, commenting on StocExpo’s aims moving forward. He detailed some of the company’s initiatives, including a start-up zone that was introduced last year for small businesses. This initiative aims to allow companies with limited budgets to attend StocExpo. This year’s event had more than 2,800 visitors and over 200 exhibitors. “As a company and a portfolio, we’ve always wanted to be a one-stop-shop for the tank storage industry,” says Powell “We pride ourselves in acknowledging the niche that is tank storage.”

Powell did not comment on the upcoming Tank Storage Connect event, but states: “We shouldn’t be worried about diversity. We need to make sure we carry on serving our community, listen to our visitors, delegates and exhibitors, and continue to work on StocExpo.”

HCB views the arrival of Tank Storage Connect as a great addition to the market in Rotterdam. With diversity comes new opportunity, both for companies and individuals alike and we believe that Tank Storage Connect will be well received by the community. HCB’s own Peter Mackay and Craig Vine will be chairing the Connect Hub sessions, which include the live interviews on both days of the event. It has also recently been announced that the organisers will be making a big announcement at the event in May, which everyone, attending or not, is eager to hear.





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