Eagletainer: Soaring into Europe

// By Sam Hearne on 16 Sep 2018
Eagletainer: Soaring into Europe

Eagletainer Logistics is building its presence in Europe, aiming to boost its market share in this highly competitive market by pressing its case in Vienna next month

Eagletainer Logistics Pte Ltd, a Singapore-based tank container operator, is working hard to promote its work in Europe. HCB spoke with Sylvia van der Brugge, general manager of Eagletainer Logistics Europe, who told us about Eagletainer’s latest endeavours in region.

Eagletainer first opened its doors in 2006 with a fleet of 250 tank containers. Twelve years later, the company has grown significantly and now operates a fleet of 8,800 tank containers, of which 5 per cent are leased and 95 per cent are fully owned.

In 2012, the company first touched base in Europe and opened its own European office in the Netherlands in 2014 – Eagletainer Logistics Europe BV, which today has five full-time staff members. Entering an established economic area and trying to build up a brand is challenging, van der Brugge explains. Eagletainer has had to work exhaustively to establish itself and stand out in this populated market.

“We do our utmost to serve our clients with the highest level of customer service, whereby one of our strong assets is our resolving power,” says van der Brugge. “By building up good relationships, we aim to increase the volume of shipments we process for each of our clients and, as a result, continue to grow organically in Europe.”



Eagletainer aims to further build European brand awareness by attending the European Petrochemical Association’s (EPCA) Annual Meeting in Vienna this month. “As a fairly young player in the European market, it’s an aspiration for us to increase market share,” says van der Brugge. “Generally speaking, the European market is competitive; there are many players and we have to make a difference. Naturally, with our head office in Singapore and leading position in the Asian market, our current shipping areas of interest are from Europe to Far East and south-east Asia, and vice versa, supplemented by South Africa, India, the Middle East and the Levant.” Attending the EPCA Annual Meeting will, she says, offers an important platform to meet potential and existing customers from all over the world and act as a catalyst in Eagletainer’s plans for European prominence.

Europe is still facing an ongoing shortage of drivers, especially in the Benelux area and Germany. Eagletainer’s European division has offered flexible and creative adjustments in its operating procedures during tight logistic situations and was successful in keeping up with the high demands of the market. “We have to constantly fine-tune our operations and we strongly believe in customer service,” continues van der Brugge. “Many years of experience in the field has resulted in an excellent relationship with our sub-contractors which ensures logistic continuity in the transport solutions we offer. In the end, we are all partners,” says van der Brugge.

Eagletainer, a full-service tank container operator, is dedicated to high standard in means of equipment and communication, service and quality. With additional offices in China, Malaysia, Philippines and a head office in Singapore, Eagletainer is making its mark around the world.


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